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Behind-the-scenes report on Kenshi Sugiya's company incorporation meeting
Behind-the-scenes report on Kenshi Sugiya's company incorporation meeting

Hello everyone!

This time, we would like to report on the "Company Founding Meeting of Kenshi Sugiya" held on April 7, 2023.

ZENSHIN CONNECT Co., Ltd. was established by Kenshi Sugiya, a former member of the Nippon-Ham Fighters of Hokkaido!

In fact, the debriefing was held here at Theatel Sapporo!


I was able to witness the rehearsal a few days before the event. It was very impressive to see Mr. Sugiya carefully checking his standing position, video images, and other details over and over again, and it was a valuable opportunity to feel his professionalism.


On the day of the event, many members of the media came to see the event! Many members of the media came to see the show, and the staff was thrilled and excited to see the atmosphere that was different from that of the usual theaters.


We had already seen the company's inauguration report live on YouTube 🎦 many times during rehearsals, but when the company name "ZENSHIN CONNECT" appeared on the huge 4M x 9M screen at the actual event, we got goosebumps!

The way Mr. Sugiya explained with enthusiasm what the company is aiming for in the future, and the way he answered the questions and answers from the media, including laughter! I would like to say a word of praise for Mr. Sugiya. I am cheering for your continued success in the future! We won't lose either!

Recently, we have been seeing many inbound visitors to Theatel Sapporo, and I can feel the bustle of the city coming back to life. We will continue to provide better services with the goal of "connecting" with the rest of the world!


Actually, we received this wonderful gift after the debriefing that day! "Moving Forward"!

Please look for it when you come to Sheater Sapporo.


Here is a picture of Ms. Sugitani and the Sheater Sapporo facilities! Precious ✨


Theatel Sapporo is a lodging, event space, and bar.

All private rooms (2~4 people) are equipped with a projector and you can watch Netflix / Hulu / Youtube, etc. We recommend this place for your guessing activities or girls' night out.


There are also many places to see the latest movies at Theatel Sapporo! Please find your favorite spot.


POP UP BAR THEATEL also offers Hokkaido's limited alcohol and soft drinks, coffee, tea, and snacks!

You are also welcome to drop by!

IMG_6429.jpg(*Menu and prices are subject to change.)

We were very honored to have THEATEL Sapporo in this way! We will continue to "move forward" as much as Mr. Sugitani does.

We look forward to hearing from you if you are interested in accommodations, events, bars, cafes for rent, etc!

Click here to watch the video interview with Kenshi Sugitani: