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Model rooms by type ✨
Model rooms by type ✨

This is a guide to "Model Rooms" for those who are considering staying at Theatel Sapporo 😊.

We will show you how to spend your stay in a capsule type room! Please refer to this page and consider your stay. ❤️

We also have an Instagram page with staff recommendations for sightseeing spots and restaurants within walking distance from Theatel Sapporo, so please take a look at it as well 😌🌟.

Business use】 How to spend your time for freelance workers and nomadic workers


Start with a cup of ☕coffee in the morning to wake up from sleep! No need to go all the way out to buy one ◎ We sell it at a limited price for guests. ↓ After waking up from sleep with coffee, start working 💻 The coworking space is equipped with Wi-Fi, power outlets, USB, etc., making it easy to work on your PC! ↓ Free time after work ↓ There are many restaurants around the hotel, so you don't have to worry about finding a restaurant 🍣 ↓ After enjoying your free time, take a shower 🚿 There is a women-only floor! In addition to free amenities such as shampoo, conditioner, and body soap, we also sell skin care amenity sets and razors for women. ↓ When you are ready for bed, go to bed early for tomorrow's work 💤 Enjoy a good night's sleep on the soft beds that are popular by word of mouth🛏.

We are looking forward to seeing you at our hotel !


You will wake up on the day when you can meet your favorite guess 👍 You can put more time than usual into your hair, make-up and fashion 💄 We also have hair irons available for rent! ↓ Image training before the concert is also important! Watch the video to get in the mood! ↓ After getting cleaned up in a full-length mirror, go to the venue 🚩 and enjoy the live concert with all your might ↓ Go back to your hotel ↓ Theatel Sapporo's convenient transportation makes it easy to go to and from live venues such as ZEPP, Kitaeru and Makomanai Sekisuiheim Arena! ↓ At night, relax and watch movies in your room while soaking up the afterglow of the live 📱🎧 Your room will be decorated with cute goods and you will sleep soundly surrounded by your guesses💤.

University students and job hunting use] Recommended for this kind of people! How to spend your time for college students✨

I have a lot of remote classes." "I have a part-time job in the city and would like a place where I can go home soon."


Morning starts with getting ready for school! ↓ When you are ready, go to school 📒✍ ↓ After using your brain a lot for studying, you will be tired and go back to the hotel for dinner 🍜 There is a convenience store nearby, so you can buy some food after school and relax in the hotel lounge ↓ After dinner, you can do your assignments or watch YouTube in the lounge or free time 💻 ↓ Go to bed 💤 to prepare for school tomorrow.

Single locker size: 58cm (L x W) x 48cm (D x W) Double locker size: 58cm (L) x 90cm (W)

Room Rates〉 ・7 nights 11,550 yen (tax included) *1,650 yen per night (Please note that cash payment is not accepted)

(Please note that cash payment is not accepted. Rates are subject to change. The campaign may end without prior notice.

For inquiries, please call 080-3850-4307 or send a mail to [email protected].

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