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You can rent out the entire Theatel Sapporo!
You can rent out the entire Theatel Sapporo!

Theatel Sapporo offers a very popular whole space rental plan that combines event and accommodation space into one. In this issue, we report on actual cases of private rentals!

Case 1: University students staying overnight

The hotel was rented out for three nights to university students in preparation for "Tokai University Day".


The event started in an at-home atmosphere that only a private party can provide.


At night, a large screen was used for dance practice! Since it was a private party, they could concentrate without worrying about the volume or people's eyes.

Case 2: "Hokkaido Innovation Week" event use

During the daytime, international speakers gave pitches to the international audience.


Presentations were given on a variety of topics such as the environment and educational issues.


Everyone's expressions were serious as they listened to the presenters and listened to what was being projected on the screen.


In the evening, a lively after-party was held with a DJ and craft beers made by Hokkaido University students.


The party was a great success!

You can rent the room for your own use as a place to stay or as an event space as you wish.

Why don't you hold a private event in this spacious space equipped with a huge screen, microphone, sound and lighting facilities?

We are looking forward to your reservation.

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