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[Event Report] Off-line meeting
[Event Report] Off-line meeting

This event was an off-line meeting of "red-haired kotty" who usually performs live-streaming and made her debut as a singer in July last year 🛸.

During the event, there were live performances, a raffle, and drinks and food for everyone who came from all over the place to enjoy the party 😊.


We also had merchandise for sale, and there were so many cute and pop-cute goods ✨.


We also sold drinks at the new Thteatel café space that opened last month ☟.


Usually Thteatel sells drinks, and anyone can buy them, including guests and visitors, but for events like this, the foyer can be rented out to guests who have reserved it (consultation required). (If you would like to sell food and beverages at your event or have a small space for a café, please contact us!

At the end of the event, everyone took a commemorative photo ↓↓↓📸.


Please check out kotty's colorful and cute Instagram 👀 kotty's Instagram ☛@kotty25252