Where will you staying?

Turning ordinary stays
into unforgettable time

Discover various ways to have fun
Spacious room with
a kitchenette
Enjoy a fun party
with everyone
Movie night with a
theater setup
Our lifestyle hotel offers enjoyment tailored to various scenes, such as family and friends, accommodating different preferences.

Experience a peaceful and comfortable stay


A New Way to Travel

Minn is an apartment hotel for families and groups. You can stay comfortably in the same room with your close group or your favorite family.

24 in total

  • Tokyo(13)
  • Kyoto(5)
  • Osaka(4)
  • Hokkaido(1)
  • Kanazawa(1)
Private theater where you can stay overnight

Lying in bed, laughing out loud, talking passionately among friends. Enjoy your favorite works on the big screen as much as you like.

2 in total

  • Hokkaido(1)
  • Tokyo(1)
"temporary lodging" during your trip

KARIO, named after the temporary lodging at a travel destination, is a place where you can live as if you were at home.

1 in total

  • Tokyo(1)