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Foyer Event Report - STONP OR DIE
Foyer Event Report - STONP OR DIE


23.11.11 On this day, a screening of a movie created after 8 years by "STONP OR DIE", a movie project launched by Kazuhiro Kunimo to push the Japanese snowboard scene to the world level, was held at Theatel Sapporo!

The audience's expressions were very impressive as they enjoyed drinks prepared by the bartenders of "Rad Brothers" while swaying to the pleasant music flowing from the turntables. Theatel Sapporo was instantly transformed into a club!


Also, there was a live guitar performance, and the space was so wonderful that everyone from small children to adults were enjoying the time until the screening started♪


I was so happy and proud to see the sight of about 100 visitors' gazing at the huge screen (4m long x 9m wide), which is the pride of Theatel. Tears

Finally, the screening started...!


After the screening, there was a talk session by STONP members: Kohei Kudo / Shuhei Sato / Keisuke Yoshida / Miki Ogawa, and the venue was filled with excitement!


This was the first time that about 100 people gathered in the foyer space. To be honest, I was anxious and nervous, but I enjoyed the wonderful space. I am glad that it turned out to be a wonderful event! We were able to discover new ways to use the foyer.

Photographer photo by Yuta Tachibana @ yuta__tachibana Crew STONP @stonpordie (work name STONP OR DIE)

[Riders] Kohei Kudo @koheikudo Shuhei Sato @shustagram Keisuke Yoshida @keisukeyoshida7 Yuki Ogawa @ryoking