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[Event Report] F45 Building and Theatel Sapporo collaborated on 🌺Uchinna~Night!
[Event Report] F45 Building and Theatel Sapporo collaborated on 🌺Uchinna~Night!

We held "Uchina Night" hosted by Okinawan restaurant "Uchina Umi no Ie" in the foyer! The event featured delicious Okinawan cuisine, a variety of awamori, and sanshin music ✨.

Preparations started the day before and the venue gradually took on an Okinawan atmosphere, and on the day of the event, the awamori vases were laid out and Okinawan songs were playing, creating a great atmosphere. 🥰.


The doors opened at 6:00 p.m. and the guests began to arrive one after another. The venue began to bustle and the event got underway! First, the Awamori Ambassador, who runs an Awamori brewery in Okinawa, gave a detailed explanation of the precious Awamori he had brought with him from Okinawa!

After the greetings were over, we had some Awamori in shot glasses for the toast,

Everyone made a "kari-" (Okinawan dialect: "kari-") toast together! (Toast in Okinawan dialect) 🥂✨!


There were so many different kinds of awamori, and everyone seemed to be having a lot of fun choosing from the self-poured awamori!

I chose a yogurt-flavored awamori that I had been curious about since it was being prepared!

It had a thick and sweet taste like makgeolli and was very delicious! I'm sure everyone will be a fan 🤩🤩.

I'm sure everyone will become a fan of this 🤩🥰.


The Okinawan food at Uchina-san was great too!

We had Soki Soba and my grandma's Saataa Andagi☆!

The freshly made sataa andagi was the fluffiest and most delicious I've ever had!

I thought it was the most delicious I had ever tasted!



The event progressed and the Okinawa Sanshin (Okinawan guitar) live performance started next!

A teacher and his students who hold a sanshin class at Sousei Square on the main street played Okinawan songs on sanshin.

They played Okinawan songs on the sanshin.

The sound was beautiful and the performance was wonderful!


After our first collaboration event with Uchina-san, I have never been to Okinawa, but it was fun to experience a little bit of Okinawan culture and it made me want to visit Okinawa even more 😆 We would like more and more people to know about the foyer at Theatel Sapporo and more fun events like this one! I would like to have more fun events like this one! I hope to have more fun events like this one!