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Smash Bros. live streaming tournament_vol.1
Smash Bros. live streaming tournament_vol.1

Event Report: Smash Bros.


Today we report on the "Smash Bros. live streaming tournament" held at Theatel Sapporo!

This tournament was held at Theatel Sapporo on October 11, 2023. The event had previously been held at a different location, but this was the first time it was held at Theatel Sapporo!

Eight TV monitors were set up in the foyer space, and about 25 players competed in a heated tournament format. The competition on the big screen was a great success!

Despite being held on a weekday, participants ranged in age from students to working adults on their way home from work, and gamers from different backgrounds gathered together to experience the popularity of the Smash Bros. distribution tournament. Despite the fact that these people had never met each other before, it was impressive to see how friendly the guests were and how much they enjoyed chatting with each other. There was constant laughter and excitement during the games, and the foyer was a lively place throughout the event!


What was particularly impressive was that when the international guests returned from their outings, they were interested in the lively atmosphere of the event and enjoyed the delivery. It was an ideal moment of interaction between the event participants and the guests. We hope that Theatel Sapporo will continue to support such wonderful events in the future.

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