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Culture Mix Market vol.1 @Theatel Sapporo" Event Report
Culture Mix Market vol.1 @Theatel Sapporo" Event Report

Theatel Sapporo "Culture Mix Market vol.1 @Theatel Sapporo" was held for three days last weekend!


The event started off with a lively atmosphere in the foyer as a variety of stores gathered in this market that combines various cultural elements.

The stalls of Barefootinc Japan (5-toed shoes) and ARUCUTO (one-legged clogs), which participated from the first day, were crowded with fans from the early hours, and Consadole players were also present.


On the second day, Moiwashita BRICK by ClaGla's card game masterpiece "I dedicate to you the words of a proposal I just thought of." was a lot of fun, and even the overnight guests jumped in to join in the fun.


Semba Beer, produced by Semba-kun, was also well-received, adding an element of enjoyment to the food and drink, making the event even more enjoyable.

IMG_7023 (1).jpg

Also, Decojewelry Mahalo and Body jewelry Ailes, two sisters, opened their own stalls. The staff also enjoyed the body painting!


The secondhand clothing queston (?) Many customers came to try on the stylish clothes of the secondhand clothing of Question (?).


On the third day, The Mako2 ART / Galaxy Market participated. They had a wonderful combination of pesticide-free vegetables and paintings, and fresh autumn vegetables were lined up.


We also purchased a cute pumpkin for Theatel Sapporo's Halloween display!


This was our first attempt at a "Culture Mix Market vol.1 @Theatel Sapporo" and it turned out to be a great event where different cultures, arts, fashions, and hobbies intersected.

The next event will be even more powerful, so please join us!

Stores that participated in this year's event:

  1. Barefootinc Japan
  3. The Mako2 ART / Galaxy Market
  4. Moiwashita BRIK by ClaGla
  5. Decojewelry Mahalo
  6. Body jewelry Ailes
  7. Question (?)

Date:23.9/29/30, 10/1