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A "next-generation hotel" in central Sapporo! Comments from actual long-term guests
A "next-generation hotel" in central Sapporo! Comments from actual long-term guests

Thankfully, we have been receiving more reservations and inquiries about our "Long Term Stay Plan" that we introduced in the past 👏. If you are thinking of staying in Sapporo for a long term or are interested in staying for a long term but are a bit nervous, we hope you will find this information useful!


Q: What was the main purpose of your long-term stay in Japan? I was looking for a place to live after returning from overseas in Corona, and I wanted to reduce my living costs rather than renting. I want to change my place of residence from time to time. This is the most common reason among our long-term guests. Theatel Sapporo's "30-night stay plan" is 40,000 yen (tax included). Bedrooms have lockers with locks and free Wi-Fi. Shampoo/conditioner/body soap and a hair dryer are available in the shared shower space. There are many convenience stores and restaurants in the neighborhood, and the subway station is about a 5-minute walk away! Living alone in the center of Sapporo, it would cost a lot of money to pay the rent, key money, utilities, water, and furniture and appliances. In recent years, the number of nomadic workers and freelancers who live in different places has been increasing.

Q: Why did you choose Theatel Sapporo? We had stayed there before, and the staff knew each other, so we felt safe. Cheap rates for long-term plans. I am very glad that you came back because you have stayed here for a long time when Theatel Sapporo first opened and you are very frank with our crew ☝ It seems that you have stayed in many different hotels and guesthouses before, so it is good that you can compare each of them 💡.

Q: What are the good & bad points of Theatel Sapporo? Q: What are the good and bad points of Theatel Sapporo? The facilities are new and clean. Bad points】 There are many people who don't use the common space well. Compared to a homelike guesthouse, there is less interaction between guests, so you sometimes feel lonely. (This may not be suitable for those who are looking for a homelike guesthouse atmosphere...?) ) ☝There are many shared spaces in Theatel Sapporo, such as restrooms/shower rooms, lounge space, and guest room corridors. We would appreciate it if each of you could be aware that this is a place for everyone to use and try not to make each other feel uncomfortable, and we will continue to take measures to make everyone's stay more comfortable.

Q: What is the attraction of Theatel Sapporo? You can enjoy movies or your favorite artist's live video on the screen with your friends! The biggest attraction of ☝Siater Sapporo is the huge 4m long x 9m wide screen! The live video you can watch on this screen is the best 👍 The foyer space with this screen can be used for various purposes and the fee varies depending on the plan, please refer to the website for details.

Lastly, please give a message to those who are considering a long-term stay at Theatel Sapporo ^ Compared to other facilities, the long-term plans are definitely cheaper, so I think it is a good idea to try living here for just one month! Thank you for your cooperation for this interview! We are also updating our Instagram page on Theatel Sapporo to keep you updated on our facilities and plans 👀✨ Please feel free to contact us if you would like to have a tour of our facilities.

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